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Small Hawaii Weddings

Small Hawaii Weddings

Posted by on Jun 21, 2021 in Blog | 0 comments

Small Hawaii Weddings are popular here on Maui.  We consider a small wedding to be less than 20 people and many are just a few guests. Many couples don’t want large group wedding at home, so they come to Hawaii, and to Maui, voted best island world-wide by Conde Nest Magazine for 19 years!, and named best island world wide by Expedia in 2019.

Here at Hawaii Wedding  and Vow Renewal, we think small Hawaii weddings are the best. It is so much less stressful for the couple. A wedding is about you, not about all the guests. A small wedding allows the couple to enjoy themselves and absorb the beauty of Hawaii while they say their vows, exchange rings, and kiss.

We specialize in beach and garden weddings, having been in business on Maui planing weddings for over 25 years. We plan all the ceremony details including obtaining the beach permit to use the beach, hiring Officiants, Musicians, Photographers and videoagraphers and more.

We know the best wedding locations. (click here to see). Almost all couples select a wedding package  with photos and video ( see pricing here of packages) so they can have a casual reception back home with friends and family who could not come.  They show the pictures and video, and it is a good time for all.

Many years ago Hawaii wedding and Vow Renewal was featured in USA today and we spoke to the journalist of how couples actually save money coming to Hawaii for their wedding. The largest cost for a wedding is the food and drinks. With less people coming to a small wedding in Hawaii, you save drastically on having minimal restaurant costs here. Another reason to have a small Hawaii wedding!

Many couples ask us about the type of ceremonies we perform. Some couples are Christian and other prefer a non-religious ceremony, and some couples will have one person be of one faith and the other person of a different faith or non-religious. What to do?  We offer a variety of ceremonies and can customize for mixed-faith or non-faith couples; the Hawaiian Ceremony ( click to see) is popular.  It is a non-religious ceremony, cultural/spiritual ceremony we wrote in part. We can end the ceremony with a closing prayer for couples who will comprise, thus the non-religious person gets most a non-religious ceremony, and the Christian person gets a closing Christian prayer – Marriages are about compromise so this is a good start.

We plan and organize everything. Call us to reserve at 808-891-1208 0r 8089-891-1200.


Author- Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal. Copyright protected. All rights reserved





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Best Places to Get Married on Maui

Best Places to Get Married on Maui

Posted by on Jan 13, 2020 in Blog | 0 comments

Best Places to Get Married on Maui?

There are many locations and venues to select. Most couples want a beautiful beach setting, while some prefer a garden setting or a church.

Maui has more miles of beaches than any of the other Hawaiian Islands. Southwest Maui is the nicest part of the island. This is where the small towns of Kihei, Wailea, Makena, and Ma’alaea are located. Only 20-25 minutes from Maui’s main airport in Kahului, this is Maui’s upcoming, newer area. The southwest side has larger beaches, and it is the driest part of the island so you can enjoy sunny weather year-round.

Maui’s beaches are renown for their beauty, simplicity, and romance. Looking out at the sunset while you say you vows to your soon-to-be husband or wife is a dream. For non-beach locations, click here.

At Hawaii Wedding and Vow renewal, we have planned over 10,000 weddings (literally, since 1994). Almost everyone prefers a beach setting and we have our favorites.

Poolenalena Beach in southwest Maui is one of the best places to get married on Maui.

All beaches we a public in Hawaii, so with a nice long beach at Po’olenlena, we can walk down the beach a little and wedding couples can have more intimacy of their ceremony.

It’s a great venue for sunset and early morning ceremonies. Morning is popular with the blues turquoises popping out for the photos.

There are no nearby hotels  here and there are many scenic spots for photo opportunities after the ceremony. It is one of the least crowded beaches on the island. See photos and video here.

Another popular venue location is Wailea Beach

Located in southwest Maui fronting the world-famous Waldorf Astoria Grand Wailea. Brides have all their salon services here at the best salon on the island ( mani, pedi, hair design and make up). They also have a changing room for the bride ( and bridesmaids if any) to use. Then simply walk outside and getting married on Wailea Beach.

After the ceremony and sunset photography, just walk back up to the resort and dine at one of their two 5 star retardants. Many couples like Wailea Beach as everything takes place at one location. Simple, elegant, easy and fun.  See photos and details of this location and Maui wedding package here

Sugar beach is also a favorite.

It’s great especially for those staying in Lahaina, Kaanapali or Kapalua. The beaches in those areas are small and very crowded. See Sugar Beach here.

Makena Cove Beach

Located in Makena (just a few minutes south of Kihei and Wailea) is great for a morning wedding. This small picturesque Makena cove beach is very popular. With lava rocks galore, and the volcano island Kahoolawe in the background, this beach is best for daytime weddings.

Sunset weddings at Makena Cove can be quite crowded so we recommend other beeches if couples want a sunset ceremony.

Makena Surf Sunset, Makena

This small beautiful  beach in Southwest Maui, ( Wailea/Makena) offers easy parking and accessibility and has gorgeous sunsets. We recommend this beach for those who have elderly in their group or disability situations.

There are so many nice beaches on Maui for your ceremony. If you have one in mind let us know. Some couples want to get married near their hotel or condo and that is a good option too, as long as the beach there is not too crowded. The last thing coupes want is a beach-going family just a few feet away making noise. So, since we have done over 10,000 weddings, we are very familiar with the best beaches on Maui.

For those not wanting a beach ceremony, we like Kula Botanical Gardens, located on the lower Maui mountain volcano called “Haleakala”, (translated this means “House of the rising sun”) The ocean views are awesome and they have 2 different gazebos to use for the ceremony. A few years ago National Geographic named Kula Botanical Gardens one of the top botanical gardens in the USA. See Kula Botanical Gardens here

Want a church wedding? The best church on Maui we like is also located on the slopes of Haleakala. This is a historic church, and the ocean views for the photography after the ceremony are amazing. It is also so cute inside the church, you must see the pictures and video. See Maui’s best church here.

The best places to get married on Maui, we know! Give us a call at 808-891-1208, 800-859-0072  or email us to discuss.




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Sweet Hawaii Weddings

Sweet Hawaii Weddings

Posted by on Nov 20, 2019 in Blog, Hawaii Weddings | 0 comments


Sweet Hawaii Weddings at Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal provides Officiants/Ministers, photographers, wedding and vow renewal planning, License information and more. A sweet wedding on Maui is held at one of our popular beaches, Sugar Beach.

Why is this sweet gem called Sugar Beach? Take a look the photos here.

The beach gets its name from Maui’s sugar cane growing days, where sugar cane would be loaded onto cargo ships here at Sugar Beach. Maui’s historic wharf remnants can still be seen here a mile away from our special beach. Sugar beach is nearly 3 miles long, the longest stretch of a beach on Maui.

Sugar has quite a history on Maui. Large swathes of land were bought by US businessmen in the mid 1800’s and native Hawaiian were displaced from their land. Acres and acres of land was irrigated and sugar planted, and from the mid 1800’s until 2017, sugar and Maui went hand-in hand. Due to low revenue and cheap sugar from Southeast Asia, the sugar producer stopped growing it here.

We have many other beaches that are cute and beautiful too. See photos here.

Our wedding company has planned over 10,000 weddings and vow renewals on Maui since 1994. We know the best locations and can help guide you to a venue that best fits your desires.

Complete weddings at Sugar Beach and other venues start at $435.00. See Maui wedding pricing here.

Sweet Hawaii Weddings. The sweetness has gone but Maui is still one sweet place to get married. Call 1-808-891-1208.


Copyright Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal












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Elope To Maui

Elope To Maui

Posted by on Aug 28, 2019 in Blog | 0 comments

Elope To Maui

Elope To Maui. As the number #! Destination for weddings, Maui is the ideal location to get married and honeymoon. Getting married in Hawaii is easy. Maui has been voted the best island worldwide by Expedia users, and Conde Nest Travel Magazine named Maui the best island for 19 years.

Hawaii has simple marriage laws that all 50 US states and many countries recognize. You can obtain the marriage license the morning of the wedding or the day before with just photo ID, no blood tests, no waiting period. Hawaii mails you the marriage certificate 3 weeks after the wedding. See license details.

Where on Maui to Get Married?

There are so many different venues. Elopements should be romantic and about the two of you. Do you want to get married on a beautiful beach at sunset? Most couple do, and then go out to a nearby oceanfront restaurant to celebrate your day of love. There are dozens of awesome beaches we use. See our favorite.

There are also Churches, gardens, and more as well. See photos.

Eloping to Maui has become increasing popular. There are many wedding companies and resorts that do all the planning. We do everything for you ( over 25 years now on Maui) . We hire the Officiate/Minister, photographer, coordinate your license appointment with the State License Agent (the meeting is only 15 minutes long), and we oversee everything. Some couples order a video along with the photos to share back home with family and friends who did not attend.

The prices start at $395 for a simple elegant beach wedding to $2100 for a deluxe package that includes salon services and more at the best resort on Maui. See Maui wedding pricing.

Some couples come alone and some bring a few family members or children. There are no rules!

There are a variety of ceremonies to select such as a short and simple cavil ceremony, a Hawaiian ceremony, or a Christian ceremony. See the wording of the ceremony here

Where to Stay on Maui

Maui is larger than many people think and it can take many hours to drive from one side of the island to the other. We have a diverse ecosystem where one side of the island is lush and green, and rains considerably almost every day. This is East Maui, where the forest and waterfalls are located. Hana is popular. This is an excellent area to visit or do a day trip, but almost everyone wants to be on the dry side of the island (the Lahaina west side and the more popular southwest side (Kihei, Wailea, and Maalaea) See accommodations. 

The Kihei, Maalaea, and Wailea area have the best beaches and the nicer resorts and Airbnb’s are located here too. The southwest side is closer to the airport, (20 minutes) and much closer to Haleakala crater, a must-see volcano that looks like the planet Mars.

You can also drive to our waterfalls, bamboo rainforests, and see the diverse island.

So, Elope to Maui, stress free, upscale and elegant, where we handle all the details for you.


Email us


Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal

All rights reserved












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How To Choose Your Wedding Date

How To Choose Your Wedding Date

Posted by on Aug 21, 2019 in Blog | 0 comments


How To Choose Your Wedding Date is an important decision. On Maui, a wedding date should be given some thought. Since everyday is a holiday for the couple and family/friends, it doesn’t necessarily have to be on a traditional Saturday or Sunday.

On Maui, us locals go to the beach on the weekends. Our beaches are awesome and there are so many ocean –related activities such as surfing, snorkeling, and swimming, reading a book or just watching the waves. So this is what we do on the weekend.

If the wedding couple desires more privacy and intimacy, Mondays-Thursdays are best on Maui. There will be significantly less people and children on the beach affording the couple a much more enjoyable memory of an elegant and romantic wedding.

Some couple’s like to select a date with significant numbers. Dates such as 10/19/19, 2/2/20 or 2/20/20, 1/21/21, well you get the idea.

Since so many couples chose these “numerology wedding dates”, there are many weddings and vow renewals occurring on Maui’s beaches. There will not be much privacy or intimacy, and you will see many other weddings on the beach.

If this doesn’t bother you, then select a date well in advance as they book up. A couple has to weigh whether an interesting date will be fun and memorable against the knowledge that there will be other wedding couples on the beach.

All beaches in Hawaii are public, This is our law. So, you can’t ask for a private beach, or ask for any section of the beach to be “roped off”. This is a state violation. So, maybe selecting a Monday-Thursday date will be much more memorable rather than a number. It’s up to you. See Maui wedding locations

Choosing a wedding date also depends on when the couple arrives on Maui. We recommend arriving 2 days before the wedding date. We will arrange your marriage license appointment the day before the wedding ( it’s just 15 minutes long). See license details here.

Then, you can get married the next day. Having the wedding 2 days after arrival also allows the couple to get over jet lag and look fresh and happy for the photos. Most everyone feels the “lag” in Hawaii after the long overseas flight.

However, if you want to get married right away, you can get the marriage license and get married the next day after arrival if you want. There is no waiting period.

So, select wisely.


Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal

All rights reserved.








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Hawaii Volcanoes and Weddings

Hawaii Volcanoes and Weddings

Posted by on Jul 28, 2018 in Blog, Hawaii Weddings | 0 comments

Hawaii Volcanoes and Weddings

Hawaii Volcanoes and Weddings happening here have received much media attention. With red lava flowing around a particular neighborhood on far east side of the Big Island Of Hawaii, the pictures are stunning and the TV news makes the eruptions appear much more serious than it is.

( Update 9/19) The volcano has stopped flowing and the Big Island is safe to travel to.   Many couples “island-hop” via plane from Maui to the Big Island.

The truth is just a tiny fraction of the Big Island is in trouble with some homes catching fire. Over the last few months since Kilauea woke up, one person has died. This is tragic to the family but threats to others remain extremely very minimal. With so many weddings and other tourism potentially threatened it’s important to deal with the facts and not dwell on media sensationalism.

Hawaii Governor David Ige stated  “Hawaii’s air quality is being closely monitored on a continuing basis by scientists, meteorologists and the Hawaii State Department of Health. This team of experts says the air quality in the Hawaiian Islands is safe for residents and visitors, except in the affected areas.”

Hawaii is relatively young, geologically speaking. The oldest rocks above sea level are just less than one million years old. The Big Island of Hawaii was formed by 5 volcanoes, but only three are considered active: Hualālai, Mauna Loa and Kīlauea, all on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Governor Ige also stated  “The bottom line is that there is no reason for travelers to avoid making their vacation plans in the Hawaiian Islands due to safety concerns because of Kilauea volcano,”

The Big Isalnd’s volcano is becoming quite the tourist attraction. Wedding couples and all can take helicopter tours over it and see the amazing views. There are also cruise ships that sail around the island with passengers getting a great view and experience.

Maui has no active volcanoes. Our Mt. Haleakala volcano is dormant and a huge draw for tourism. It is over 10,000 ft and you can hike the crater and experience something  like no where on our planet. Many people say Haleakala looks like the planet Mars landscape. So, if you are considering having a wedding in Hawaii, come to Maui, voted best island world-wide by Expedia customers 2017, Conde Nest magazine readers for 19 years, and also rated #1 by Travel and Leisure Magazine. See our activity page for activities such as biking down the volcano, and hiking tours here.


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Hawaii History and it’s impact on a Wedding in Hawaii

Hawaii History and it’s impact on a Wedding in Hawaii

Posted by on Dec 7, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Hawaii History and its impact on a Wedding in Hawaii

Hawaii History and its impact on a Wedding in Hawaii  is unknown by many wedding couples and many locals as well. A wedding in Hawaii is greatly different today than centuries ago. Although history has said that Captain James Cook discovered Hawaii in the 18th century, the Polynesians arrived over 1,500 years ago.

Thus Cook did not discover Hawaii. He came with sailors who came upon an island chain already founded, with a legitimate monarchy government in place.

The Hawaiians kept much of their Polynesian culture and adapted somewhat thereafter. The language evolved and some cultural aspects changed too.

Over the last 200 years many races and ethnic groups immigrated to Hawaii. The Chinese were first to come after the Caucasians and were primarily field workers. Japanese, Filipino’s, and other groups followed them.

Although Hawaiians had their own indigenous religion in place, Christian groups came and converted many of them to Christianity. Missionaries first came in 1820 from Boston. They became the first secondary settlers in Hawaii.

The Hawaiians did not have a written language, only oral. Stories were passed down from generation to generation. Missionaries helped write the Hawaiian language. But, events evolved with the coming of the Americans.

There is some controversy if the missionaries helped or tried to put a demise to Hawaiian religion practices. Many Hawaiians believe they negatively affected their life. Although some Hawaiians did convert to Christianity and gave up their beliefs, others did not.

Hawaiians were encouraged to dress appropriately according to missionaries standards, and to stop their practices such as the hula, an ancient form of dance and worship, brought from Polynesia.

Eventually, school polices came in place. The Hawaiian language was forbidden to be taught and students were not allowed to speak Hawaiian or else they would be punished. Hawaiians had to dance hula hidden from others otherwise there would also be punishment.

In 1898, the sovereign nation of Hawaii was illegally overthrown by the United States government. The beloved Queen Liliuokalani was imprisoned in her own palace, never officially giving Hawaii to the USA.

The overthrow of the government was began by American businessmen who wanted the US to take control for financial reasons. They conspired and convinced the US military that Hawaii was strategically important for the US to govern due to its unique location.

Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959. In 1994 President Bill Clinton wrote a letter to the people of Hawaii officially apologizing for the illegal takeover of the sovereign nation of Hawaii. Many Hawaiian organizations are striving to attain sovereignty today.

So we come to the discussion of weddings. Weddings have changed.

Here’s how according to Hawaiian cultural experts:

When a couple ( in the past) wanted to be married there was not a wedding ceremony. The couple would approach their Kumu (tribal leader) and ask if they could be together. The Kumu would say “yes” or “no” .(Most likely he would say yes) Then he would say “Go” and that’s it!

There was no formal ceremony except for the Ali’i (royalty) and details of this are not exactly known.

There was no Hawaiian wedding ceremony. The ceremonies we see today of a Hawaiian nature were adapted after Christianity and western marriage culture merged into Hawaii. See Hawaii wedding ceremony.

Now we have Hawaiian wedding ceremonies, which begin with a chant, a Hawaiian lei exchange, and then westernized rituals with such things as a sand ceremony (which is not Hawaiian, but a made-up Caucasian’s ritual) and exchanging vows and rings. We discourage wedding couples from doing the “sand ceremony” or “tying of the hands”

We at Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal try to respect the Hawaiian culture, it’s people and their rights. We have planned and coordinated over 10,000 weddings since 1994 and are well known within the Maui community.

Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal

Email us


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Maui Activities

Maui Activities

Posted by on Mar 13, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Maui Activites

There are many Maui Activities to do for your honeymooon ( after your wedding or vow renewal) here. Maui activities do book up. To reserve now see our partner’s activity reservations and activity pricing . There is so much to so see on Maui which is probably why Expedia customers named Maui the best island world-wide! We are not just beaches. Our 10,00 foot volcano is a must see.

You can drive and see awesome waterfalls, hike through bamboo forests, go on dinner cruises in the sea or experience a Hawaiian luau. Visit museums, see tropical gardens and botanical gardens, drive down awesome view roads with unbelievable views. There is too much to mention.

The best Maui Activity (after your wedding) is probably enjoying the Maui beaches. So many news outlets have named Maui’s beaches the best, and folks that live on other Hawaiian islands always talk about Maui beaches being the best, acquiescing that although their beaches are great, Maui is the best.

Because Maui is so less populated than Oahu ( where Honolulu and Waikiki is located ) The Maui Visitors Bureau website has extensive information on Maui beaches and other actives. We have over 12o miles of coast and almost 33 miles of beautiful  beaches. See our ceremony locations to view our favorite locations

Our  island population of 125,00 people compare to Oahu’s 750,00  population, you can see why our larger island will have a significantly less people on them. So, with Maui, you get that true tropical island experience and not an overcrowded feel.

Southwest Maui beaches are the best. The surf is not as huge as the north shore so just about anyone, even the non-experienced ocean goer can jump right into the ocean and not be overwhelmed by large waves.  There are some days when the surf is larger so do take a look before going into the water. This area includes Maalaea, Kihei, Wailea and Makena.

There are many Maui Activity companies that offer services here: Surf lessons, fishing trips, snorkeling excursions, diving lessons and excursions. Whale watching is so popular with many people who come exclusively to whale watch as Maui is the island where there are best seen.

With 120 miles of coastline, Maui boasts over 303 miles of beautiful beaches. On these world famous beaches you’ll see white,  \black and red sand beaches, with great \ surfing and windsurfing places as well as some of the best beaches in the world to simply swim, snorkel and sunbathe and even tap a nice soothing nap!.

Many beaches parks have lifeguards, picnic areas with barbques and restrooms. Others are  “hidden spots” found off the beaten path. Discover Maui’s world-famous beaches below:

West Maui Beaches:

Baby Beach for kids in Lahaina, ( small waves here)

D.T. Fleming Beach

Kapalua Beach:

Launiupoko Beach

Puamana Beach

Southwest Maui Beaches:

Kam Beaches  I, II, & III: ( all great for kids)

Keawakapu Beach:

Kihei Beach:

Makena Beach  (Big Beach, big dangerous waves):

Polo Beach:

Wailea Beach:

Central Maui Beaches

Kahana Beach

H.A. Baldwin Beach

Hookipa Beach ( windsurfing, big waves here)


East Maui Beaches

Hamoa Beach:

Wainapanapa State Park:

Red Sand Beach ( amazing, must see in Hana)

On our next story we will outline the best resorts of Maui. Call us now if you need to know, 808-891-1208.


Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal

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Hawaii Wedding Google Reviews

Hawaii Wedding Google Reviews

Posted by on Mar 11, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Hawaii Wedding Google Reviews

maui wedding at sunset

See our over 150 verified google reviews. In business since 1994.

Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal has received over 150  verified google reviews as of November 2021.  We are thrilled with the 4.9 score. These reviews are from confirmed customers ( with full names and their email addresses ) We do 500 weddings and vow renewals a year on average and have been in business for 24 years on Maui. We have done over 12,000 weddings and vow renewal on Maui. See the honest verified reviews.

Owner note. I personally use Google reviews to make a decision on a company, hotel,  business on Maui,  or around the world. When I see 100% of all reviews at 5 star  rating, I become a tad suspicious. That just can’t be. With over 12,o00 wedding we have 4.9 rating. The reader can also look at BBB Hawaii.  We have an A+ rating from them. See it here. We are in good standing with them. You can also go to the State of Hawaii’s business website and see we are in good standing.
Your wedding in Hawaii is important! Select a good company. Research them. Don’t pick the least expensive one. There is a reason for that. It’s like comparing hamburgers to a good steak. You get what you pay for. Your wedding should be the best!
Mahalo ( thank you)
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Trash Your Wedding Dress

Trash Your Wedding Dress

Posted by on Oct 24, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Trash Your Wedding Dress

Trash Your Wedding Dress. Some brides have fun after the wedding on the beach by trashing the wedding dress. We see so many posts now from around the country with images of women purposely getting their dress ruined somehow.   On Maui, the bride usually gets into the water and sand with a fun photo op.

And yes, the dress can always be dry-cleaned and probably back to normal afterwards, maybe.

But what about the men? You never hear about trashing the tux or suit. The men get right into the water and on the lava rocks and get their wedding attire ruined too, but perhaps it’s because the bride’s wedding dress is a “once in a lifetime” dress so it rises on the importance scale.

We first saw Hollwood popularize the “Trash Your Wedding Dress” phenomena in the movie “Sunset Beach”. So,  if you are getting married here in Hawaii, how do you do it?

The best way is to notify your Hawaii wedding photographer ahead of time so he/she can be preparing ideas, based on the venue and his/her capabilities. See our Hawaii Wedding Photography page

Another favorite pose would be laying in the sand and waiting for that wave to come ( hopefully not a shark along with it, just joking) Be sure to select a professional photographer who knows how to shoot into the sun without getting a  silhouette shot, and a pro who is able to maintain his/her camera dry!


Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal







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Maui Vow Renewal

Maui Vow Renewal

Posted by on Jun 12, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Maui Vow Renewal

Maui, voted best island worlds wide for 19 years brings us much satisfaction here to us locals. Families comes from around the world to enjoy themselves. A popular activity is a Maui Vow Renewal and a family photoshoot after the CEREMONY. Vow renewals in Hawaii are great for the married couple to renew their love for one another on a secluded Maui beach.

Saying ” I do” once again at sunset with family surrounding  is an ultimate emotional experience.

Click here for Maui Vow Renewals. Most couples then have a family photoshoot with a pro photographer shooting the kids, grandma and grandpa, and group shots; pictures to be treasured forever and passed down the generations. Renewing vows in Hawaii are done at our most popular beach, Poolenalena!

Maui vow renewal family walking on the beach

Pro Hawaii photographer takes photos after the ceremony – awesome sunset

Maui and Memories is what life is all about. Our memories are an important aspect to our well-being. Pictures that can be looked at years later bring warm memories back and bring the family closer. Renewing vows in Hawaii are the ultimate challenge to ones marriage and the renewal of the on-going wedding process.

It unites us, strengthens us, and makes couples “one” once again. Try saying “I do” again and remember forever.

Renewing vows in Hawaii has become a popular activity for many couples, especially those with families.  A family photoshoot occurs after the ceremony and photos are treasured for lifetime. Maui’s awesome sunsets make memories that are so cherished.

How many couples on a cloudy day back home look at the pictures years from now and are grateful for the life event? We get so many thank you letters form couples, too many to publish.

Maui, voted best island world-wide for 19 years. No other island can come close to boasting this poll of travel magazine readers. So many people like that Maui Hawaii is A USA state, and they don’t have to deal with visa, money issues, safety concerns, etc. Come to Maui, Renew your life!


Facebook: Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal

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Maui named #1 island world-wide

Maui named #1 island world-wide

Posted by on Jun 11, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Maui named #1 island world-wide

Maui named #1 island world-wide. Expedia made there note-worthy news taken by votes from users.  The reasons are numerous.

Maui has the best beaches in the world; miles and miles of white sandy beaches highlighted with swaying palm trees and jutting black lava rocks from our volcano ( I’ll get to that shortly.)  A Maui, Hawaii wedding on a secluded beach is the best. Our beaches are clean, not rocky, and you can stroll forever and relax and get exercise too.

The nice part of Maui beaches is that they slope slowly into the water, so you can wade out and not all of a sudden be in deep water. Everyone, even the locals notice how clean Hawaii’s ocean appears. You can see all the way to your feet! This author remembers the last time I went into the Atlantic off of Florida and I could only see a few inches down, hmmm.

Swimming on Maui? You bet! The south and west shores have waves that are minimal and its easy to swim and enjoy. Everyone knows about our world class surfing too. For beginners there are classes to take for all ages and even the most uncoordinated person will get up a a board and come to shore.

The instructors practically guarantee it. Don’t let the idea of snorkeling scare you. It is so easy to learn in calm waters, and the colorful fish and corals you will see will amaze you. Snorkel gear is very inexpensive to rent here.

Maui named #1 island world-wide is no accident.

The gorgeous, gallant and loving whales come by the thousands to the shores off Maui every November – May. ( January-March is the best time to come to see them) Once, when whaling was legal, Hawaii had a sad history of killing whales. That ended decades ago and the whales are returning in greater numbers ever year.

Even the old-timers watch in amazement as the baby breach (become born) and jump out of the water in glee. Just go to U-tube and watch a video of this. You will want to see it personally, and we have many boating and tour companies that have pro guides to take you out and explain the migration and living whales of Maui.

Maui is not just about the ocean and beaches. We have Haleakala. It is our magnificent 10,ooo foot dormant volcano ( not extinct) that rises to the heavens with the most amazing views. Yu can drive yourself up ( Most people rent care here) or take a tour bus to the top and see a volcano lake dried up that looks like the planet Mars.

Words cannot express the beauty and true nature of it all. It is a must-see when you come to Maui. Having a Hawaii wedding is a dream come true with so much to enjoy.  🙂

There is also our waterfalls and bamboo forests to see. Later stories about this magnificent island to get married and honeymoon.  Maui – best island word-wide! See our Hawaii wedding locations.

Facebook- Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal







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Maui Wedding Video

Maui Wedding Video

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Maui Wedding Video

Having a Maui Wedding Video is becoming more popular for a Maui Wedding destination. Since some family members and friends can’t  attend your wedding in Hawaii, having a video of the wedding that can be shared back home is big plus. A professional video of the ceremony with couples “miked” properly so one can hear the vows being said is what everyone wants. The video can be played back at a reception later and of course listened to for years. Many couples pass the video on the to kids as a nice memory.

See a snippet of a Maui Wedding Video here at  At we offer the best videographers anywhere. They shoot the ceremony and then after the ceremony they do nice out-take shots of the family and friends, and then focus on shooting the couple doing fun romantic “stuff ” on the beach during the sunset. Romance is captured on video for a lifetime.

A Maui Wedding Video is more affordable then people think.  The Hawaii Wedding package #4 includes a professional videographer, a pro photographer, an officiate and wedding planner, leis, beach permit, submission of legal documents to the State of Hawaii,  all for under $1800.

This is much less than folks pay back home, and of course Maui is the best place to honeymoon so this is  a win-win situation. No one has ever contacted us that they did not like their video, and we have done hundreds of videos over the last 20 years in business on Maui.

Wedding couples frequently ask us what is the best colors to wear for a video. Adding in blues, reds, greens to the wear gives a good contrast to the traditional white wedding dress and having a tropical colorful bouquet with flowers from Hawaii really “pops” in the video. If it’s a summer wedding we recommend lightweight clothing as it can be warm.

So, consider adding a memory to last forever. See Maui wedding pricing. 


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Having a Wedding in Hawaii

Having a Wedding in Hawaii

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Having a Wedding in Hawaii has become very popular, having now surpassed Las Vegas as the #1 wedding destination. The reason is obvious; romantic, authentic sunset beach weddings versus a strip gambling area with tacky chapels on every corner.

It’s easy Having a Wedding in Hawaii. There is no waiting period. You can obtain your marriage license and get married the same day if you wish, although most couples get married on the next day. Hawaii also requires no blood test, so the license appointment with the Agent is only 15 minutes long and the application is just one page. See Hawaii wedding marriage requirements.

Hawaii Wedding has operated over 24 years and has coordinated over 8000 weddings and vow renewals on Maui Island. Why Maui? Maui has been voted best island world wide by readers of Conde Nest travel Magazine and is the top choice of visitors to Hawaii. With long stretches of white sand beaches, waterfalls galore, and our 10,000 foot volcano ( which is a must-see) Maui is the island to visit.

So, if you are thinking of Having a Wedding in Hawaii, select the most recommended island. People come back many times over their lifetime as it is so beautiful and tranquil here, the island of romance does exist. Most couples actually can save money by having a wedding in Hawaii as it is very affordable.

Most major airlines fly direct to Maui. Our airport code is OGG in case you are using Expedia or Travelocity to get your air, hotel and car. Most everyone does rent a car as we are rural and it is easy to get around. The airport has all the major car rental companies.

We recommend staying in the southwest part of the island ( The Kihei/Wailea area) as this is more upscale, the beaches are wider and nicer, and you are close to all the restaurants and activities. The Maui airport is just a 25 minute drive. The southwest part of Maui also has the least amount  of rain, only 9 inches a year, better beaches, and it is  most likely be warm and sunny every day.  So, come to paradise!


Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal

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Scootering their way into marriage

Scootering their way into marriage

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November 19, 2015


Scootering their way into marriage

Scootering their way into marriage, that’s what this actual wedding couple did on Maui. There’s more than one way to say “I do” and this Maui ceremony couple decided to be unique. The event took place in the historic whaling village of Lahaina, Maui. The couple went “casual” Maui-style, enjoying our year-round warm weather.

Mixing romance and a Segway ( green energy scooters) this ride of romance will be a fun long-lasting memory. This couple decided to take a fun picture and and had fun Scootering their way into marriage. Hawaii Wedding was pleased to coordinate their wedding.

Many couples come to Maui for a corporate event, and decide to also get married and honeymoon since the boss paid for the conventions trip. Why not? Maui, voted best island for 19 consecutive years is one the most beautiful places in the world. Couples have forever lasting memories of Maui, and so many come back for their 5th or 25th anniversary and have a vow renewal ceremony with us.

They bring the kids and have group photos taken by a pro after the ceremony.  See our view renewal page at Maui vow renewal.

You don’t have to scooter your way into marriage. We have had couples get married on a kayak, ship, in the ocean….. whatever is your dream. Most couples have their Hawaii Wedding on the beach at sunset. This is the most romantic time to do it, and with so many oceanview restaurants right near the beach we use to go to afterwards, it makes the day perfect.

Some couples choose mornings to capture the best lighting for photography. So, whether you are on a Segway corporate event or just on your own, Maui weddings are the best!


Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal


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