Hotels on Maui. Below are some of the Hotels and Resorts that we are proud to recommend. All of the hotels & condos listed below are in the Southwest Maui area (Kihei, Wailea) where there are nicer beaches, it is less “touristy” and drier with less chance of rain on your wedding day.

If you want to use Airbnb or booking companies make sure to select the cities of Kihei, Wailea or Maalaea.

Southwest Maui is close to: Haleakala our must-see 10,000 foot volcano, spectacular waterfalls, and close to the Kahului airport. You can have your ceremony on the beach in front of any of these hotels and condos, or see our favorite Maui wedding locations.

To view hotel information, just click on the image below! Google their name to see the various booking companies.