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Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal

At Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal, we have been performing romantic Maui weddings and vow renewals for couples from all over the world, for the past 30 years. That’s why, when you reserve your romantic event with us, we make sure to only offer you a great variety of services, such as wedding planning, providing ministers/officiants and photographers. Email us.

elope to Hawaii

Get away and elope to Maui

We’ll also help you find exotic wedding locations as well as help you obtain the marriage license.

Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal specializes in romantic beach weddings, small group weddings to intimate elopements on Maui, in various locations such as beaches and gardens.

See our Maui wedding pricing and see our verified google reviews

Maui Beach Wedding

“Trashing the Dress” an after wedding shot with Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal

Where to get married on Maui?

See our favorite Maui wedding locations.

Being in the wedding business for 30 years, we are proud to say that we have already performed over 12,000 weddings and vow renewals! Voted as the best island worldwide by users of Expedia and Conde Nest Magazine, Maui is also the #1 island in Hawaii to get married!

Maui Hotel

Waldorf Astoria Grand Wailea, Wailea Maui

For accommodations, we recommend Southwest Maui ( Kihei, Wailea, Ma’alaea, Makena) which has the nicest beaches, and is closer to the airport, mountain villages exotic dormant volcano, and waterfalls. See hundreds of vacation rentals and hotels at


. Email us with any questions.

Maui Wedding Services: Why choose us?

We know the best Maui wedding locations

We know the best Maui wedding locations

Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal has provided Maui Wedding Services since 1994. See pro photography here.

.See our beautiful Instagram page here

As a result, we have been featured by USA Today, NPR Radio, LA Times, ABC News Hawaii, and many more publications.

We specialize in small group beach weddings.

We pride ourselves on being well known within the Maui community and on the long-term partnerships we have formed. As members of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau, Maui Visitors Bureau, and the Hawaii Wedding Professionals Association, we look forward to making your Hawaii wedding and vow renewal a reality!

See our verified reviews on Google.


Hawaii Wedding, why have it here?

It does not get any better than this on Maui. Come!

How to Plan a Wedding on Maui?

“How can I plan a wedding from so far away?”

In our extensive experience, we have heard brides ask this particular question once in a while. And that is always a good question!

The answer?

You, the happy couple, will do very little of the planning because WE will do it all for you. Let your Hawaii Wedding be handled by professionals who have owned and operated Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal for years and know exactly what to do to plan the perfect wedding. Short Notice, OK,

To start, we will help you select a package. See pricing of weddings here.

Hawaii Wedding: Why have it here?

We know the best Maui wedding locations

We know the best Maui wedding locations

Your Hawaiian wedding, why have it here? As mentioned, we have been named as the best island worldwide by Expedia users and Travel and Leisure Magazine. In fact, Condé Nast Travel magazine named us the best island worldwide for 19 consecutive years!

Additionally, a Hawaii Wedding is a dream of many couples. However, it will be incredibly challenging if you’re not a local or don’t have a network to help you plan your wedding in the Maui area.

So, what can we actually do for you? Well, one of our services is to arrange your marriage license appointment. We will send you directions and go over them with you. The license form is just one page long, no blood tests are required, just show your photo ID and pay the $65.00 00 fee on-line. Moreover, your appointment with the State License Agent is less than 15 minutes long.

After the wedding, we will submit the paperwork to the State, and the Hawaii Department of Vital Records will mail you your marriage license about 3 to 4 weeks after your Maui Wedding.

Hawaii wedding

We can incorporate your children into the ceremony.

What Does The Minister/Officiant say my at my Wedding?

All of the packages you select with us include everything you will need for your wedding. This includes a Minister/Officiant!

Your Officiant is experienced and likable and we have a variety of ceremonies you can select or even customize, and, of course, you can write your own vows too! You can have a Christian ceremony, a spiritual non-religious ceremony, a short and simple civil ceremony, or, the most popular of all, a Hawaiian wedding ceremony. Some couples like to have the Hawaiian ceremony and end it with a Christian prayer and we can also perform ceremonies from other faiths. Everything is entirely up to you!

We knopw the best Maui wedding locations

Maui wedding packages from $695-$2500.

After you select your wedding package, venue, and ceremony type, we will take care of the rest. All you need to do is show up and learn more about our wedding ceremonies here.

What are our wedding packages?

Overall, we offer 5 Maui wedding packages to our customers.

Our most budget-friendly package is our first package with $695 + 4% Tax cost in total. We coordinate your  State Licensing Appointment. Next, we’ll provide you with a romantic setting, either on the beach, church or gardens.  We have a licensed Officiant/minister for your wedding and a ceremony planner that plans everything. You also have the choice of ceremony, either Christian, spirtual non-religious, civil or traditional Hawaiian.

While this is a very appealing package, please take note that a professional photographer is not included in this basic. Outside professional photographers are also not allowed. We’d also like to inform that the maximum guests allowed at your Maui beach wedding is 30, currently. Check out our other packages and what our other offers include here.

Maui Vow Renewal

Family photoshoots after the ceremony


A Selection of Wedding Flowers and Bouquets

Hawaiian minister performing a beach wedding on Maui

Ask for a circle of petals for $450. It adds a nice touch.

A wedding is simply not complete without flowers. But as a diverse island rich in various ecosystems, Southwest Maui offers countless wedding flowers and bouquets to all brides.

To help you choose, we will assist you in finding the perfect flower that symbolizes your love.

Other than the traditional bouquets, we also offer Flower Circles. These are made of tropical flowers and add an extra “pop” of color to your ceremony — and will look incredibly good in photos! See bouquets and flower circles.

Where to Stay on Maui?

Many wonderful hotels on Maui

The “Grand” on Maui

Southwest Maui is the best!

Maui is made up of many mini-ecosystems. In fact, Southwest Maui (Kihei, Wailea, Makena, Ma’a’laea) averages only 9” of rain a year. This means that, with the 600 weddings we perform every year, we only average about one rainout wedding a year, making bad weather a completely rare occurrence.

Southwest Maui has many hotels and vacation rentals

The beaches are also much nicer in Southwest Maui, and you are much closer here to all the attractions (Haleakala Crater, Hana Waterfalls, Airport, etc.)

On the other hand, Northwest Maui (Lahaina, Kaanapali, Napili) averages 18” of rain, and the few beaches are much more crowded, and you are farther from the attractions.

See our Maui hotel page for nearby hotels and vacations rentals  we like and recommend.

Maui Wedding Flower Circle

A celebration of love

Maui Activities

Hula Shows At Sunset A Must See

There are plenty of attractions here on Maui as well. You may know the island from its famous beaches, but Maui offers so much more than that. We have plenty of waterfalls that you can hike to get to and swim in some really cool pools. There are also numerous museums and art galleries that are also considered to be among the world’s best. Following that are concerts, where many local and international artists and musicians truly thrive.


Of course, there are also whale watching events to see the majesty of these marine mammals and diving and snorkeling activities you can take to explore our diverse underwater scenes. You can take your partner sightseeing, visit our historic wineries, Or, if you are an adventurous couple, you can also hike in our lush bamboo forests. Otherwise, if you’d like to relax and enjoy the moment, you can also enjoy a nice book, reading it on the beach.

Maui activities

The Road To World Famous “Hana”.

So you see, a Hawaii Wedding is the best because it’s a destination wedding on the best island in the world. Moreover, after saying “I Do”, you can go straight into enjoying your honeymoon, exploring the island, its riches, and what it offers.

If you need any more convincing, you can read our verified reviews from past customers on Google and email or call us at 1-808-891-1200 or 1-800-891-1208.

Congratulations on your future Hawaii destination wedding! We will see you in paradise!