Maui Weddings in the News again.  ( The article is below) We are extremely proud that HawaiiWedding.Com was THE VERY FIRST WEDDING COMPANY ON-LINE IN THE WORLD! We have been featured in many media outlets including USA Today. Below is the article published when we were called Maui Dreamtime Weddings. When we decided to learn HTML, called UNIX back in the early 90s, our friends thought we were crazy.

We had “modems” that took a minute to load a single page.

World Wide Web? What is that they asked? It’s the future, we replied. Laughter everywhere. The media have been following us for years. Being the first in many things: We were the first wedding company to advertise on-line. The name of the company we advertised on was called ” Go To”, which was bought out by Google.  Email us with any questions.

A company named “Google” bought them out, and we started advertising on this thing called “google”. What a stupid name I thought. We started turning down media interviews. We were too busy working ( getting bookings from google)  to waste time doing another interview. lol. And how everyone laughed when we used the words “lol”. Are you guys crazy? How many magazines can we be featured in, we thought? We need to make money, we are not rich in any sense of the word.

But, when  USA Today said Maui Weddings in the News would be good publicity for us ( this was 14 years ago). We agreed. The nation most read newspaper! So, look forward, dream the impossible, don’t laugh at new ideas as ideas turn into reality. If you are good forward thinking, the media will follow you. They need good stories! Mahalo.

Hawaii Weddings featured in the news doing weddings on Maui