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Religious and Non-Religious Maui Wedding Ceremonies

Your Hawaii wedding can have a ceremony of your choice. Please take a look at our Maui wedding ceremony pages listed below, and select which wedding ceremony is perfect for your special day. You may also add your own vows into the ceremony. Children can also be incorporated into the ceremony. See See Bouquets, wedding canopies and beach flower circles.

Click below to see the text for the various ceremonies:

We at Hawaiiwedding.com wrote our ceremonies back in the early 1990’s. We realized and respect that not everyone wants a Christian ceremony so we added the spiritual non-religious wedding ceremony. It is for those couples that still want a beautiful ceremony without too much religion involved. It does bring spirituality to the ceremony.Amanda and Cameron's Maui wedding at Makena covePhoto by Kevin Rebelo

Many couples are somewhat religious but also like our Hawaiian wedding ceremony. We can add a Christian prayer at the end of the Hawaiian ceremony so you get a combination of both ceremonies. This is particularly good for couples which one person is religious and the other is not as religious. This makes it an excellent compromise.

There is also the simple and sweet civil ceremony, which you can read by clicking on the above link for this ceremony and the others.

Because your Maui wedding or vow renewal is your special day and ceremony,  we have absolutely no problem and encourage you to alter, add or delete any wording from the ceremony. It’s your wedding  or vow renewal and you can have it how you want.