Maui Wedding Ceremonies – Christian, Non-religious, Hawaiian

Select a Christian, Hawaiian, Non- religious spiritual,  or a simple civil one.  If you’d like, you can also add your own vows to the wedding ceremony.

Hawaiian wedding ceremony on Maluaka Beach in Maui

Officiant explains the significance of the lei exchange between the couple

Religious Traditional Maui Wedding Ceremony – Christian

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Spiritual Non-Religious Maui Wedding Ceremony

One of our popular ceremonies, this spiritual Maui ceremony, is perfect for couples who prefer a non-religious wedding. Click here.

Maui weddings

In Hawaii, a rainbow is a very good omen

Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony

The Hawaiian ceremony  is the most popular. You have the option of ending it with a Christian prayer or keeping it non-religious, it’s up to you. It will start with Oli Aloha, a chant preparing the space or the people for a blessing.  You may also opt to include a traditional Hawaiian ring blessing. In it, the rings are placed in a Hawaiian wood bowl that the bride holds. The minister then blesses the rings with a ti leaf dipped in the saltwater.  Please advise us well in advance if you want this option.

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Civil Maui Wedding Ceremony

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Jewish Maui Wedding Ceremony

We at Hawaii Wedding cater to anyone who wants to wed on Maui. Aside from a traditional Christian wedding and a non-religious ceremony, we also offer a Jewish Maui Wedding Ceremony. Please note that a licensed officiant performs the ceremony and not a Rabbi.

The officiant starts with welcoming the guests and the couple. Prayers would then follow. In a Jewish wedding ceremony, the couple does not exchange vows. Instead, the officiant asks for consent from the bride and groom. Afterward, they exchange rings. Then comes the drinking of the wine, in which the officiate recites the Sheva Berachot first before the couple drink from the Kiddush cup. Finally, the ceremony concludes with the customary breaking of the glass. Mazal tov! See text of the ceremony here.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

We also offer vow renewal ceremonies for couples who want to commemorate their long-lasting love.

A vow renewal ceremony is similar to a wedding ceremony, with some additions. So if you’re looking to renew your vows, you’ll first need to select a ceremony from the list below:

To these ceremonies listed above, the officiant utters an additional message to the couple before the vow and ring exchange. This message recognizes and reflects upon the couple’s first time they made their vows and their marriage journey. The officiant also asks the couple to reaffirm their marriage vows to one another. For vow renewals, you may also choose to follow our options of traditional and contemporary. Or you may also choose to write your own vows. You may also ask whether or not to add religious prayers to your vow renewal ceremony.

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Additional Readings

Traditional weddings usually have a wedding reading. A family member or a friend typically performs the reading after the officiant has done the introductions. It’s a touching way to convey what love or marriage means to you! So if you want to make your wedding extra heartwarming, we can provide additional readings about commitment and marriage. You may also choose your own that we can incorporate into the ceremony.

Amanda and Cameron's Maui wedding at Makena cove

Photo by Kevin Rebelo

Our Wedding Ceremonies

We at Hawaii Wedding wrote our ceremonies way back in the early 1990s. Later on, we realized that not everyone wants a Christian ceremony. And we respect that choice. After all, not everyone who wants to experience a Maui wedding is religious nor practice the Christian faith.

That’s why we added the spiritual non-religious wedding ceremony. It’s for couples that still want a beautiful ceremony without a religious aspect involved. Even so though, our ceremony still does bring spirituality to the wedding.

On the other hand, many couples who are Christian also like our Hawaiian wedding ceremony. So if you wish, we can add a Christian prayer at the end of the Hawaiian ceremony. This way, you’ll get a combination of both ceremonies. This is particularly good for couples in which one person is religious, and the other is not as much. This makes it an excellent compromise.

There is also a sweet and straightforward civil ceremony for those who prefer it that way. Not too much pomp, only a humble yet beautiful ceremony.

And because your Maui wedding or vow renewal is your special day, we have absolutely no problem if you want to alter any wording from the ceremony. In fact, we encourage you to add or replace anything in the ceremonies to make it truly your day. It’s your wedding or vow renewal, and you can have it however you want.

Plan Your Dream Maui Wedding With Us

Since 1994, we at Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal have provided Maui Wedding Services to couples who wanted to have their special day here in Maui.

We have close to three decades of experience and have performed over 12,000 wedding and vow renewals. This allowed us to offer quality services to all couples who want a Maui ceremony. As a result, publications such as the USA Today, NPR Radio, LA Times, ABC News Hawaii, and many more have featured us and our stellar wedding services.

We also pride ourselves on being well known within the Maui community, thanks to the long-term partnerships we have formed. As members of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau, Maui Visitors Bureau, and the Hawaii Wedding Professionals Association, we look forward to making your Hawaii wedding and vow renewal a reality!

Besides, the island paradise of Maui, with so much natural beauty in and around it, makes for the perfect place to wed your significant other. Imagine reciting your vows in front of your betrothed against a backdrop of the beautiful beach sunset. Or with a tropical feel with palm trees and the sound of crashing waves against the shore.

Undoubtedly, a wedding ceremony is a big part of a couple’s life together. It is a special occasion that celebrates a couple’s journey into marriage. As such, you would want it to be an unforgettable experience for you and your significant other. There are many places to get married. But getting wed in Maui is a whole different experience. And with our professional help, we will make your day truly special.

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