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Elope To Maui

Elope To Maui. As the number #! Destination for weddings, Maui is the ideal location to get married and honeymoon. Getting married in Hawaii is easy. Maui has been voted the best island worldwide by Expedia users, and Conde Nest Travel Magazine named Maui the best island for 19 years.

Hawaii has simple marriage laws that all 50 US states and many countries recognize. You can obtain the marriage license the morning of the wedding or the day before with just photo ID, no blood tests, no waiting period. Hawaii mails you the marriage certificate 3 weeks after the wedding. See license details.

Where on Maui to Get Married?

There are so many different venues. Elopements should be romantic and about the two of you. Do you want to get married on a beautiful beach at sunset? Most couple do, and then go out to a nearby oceanfront restaurant to celebrate your day of love. There are dozens of awesome beaches we use. See our favorite.

There are also Churches, gardens, and more as well. See photos.

Eloping to Maui has become increasing popular. There are many wedding companies and resorts that do all the planning. We do everything for you ( over 25 years now on Maui) . We hire the Officiate/Minister, photographer, coordinate your license appointment with the State License Agent (the meeting is only 15 minutes long), and we oversee everything. Some couples order a video along with the photos to share back home with family and friends who did not attend.

The prices start at $395 for a simple elegant beach wedding to $2100 for a deluxe package that includes salon services and more at the best resort on Maui. See Maui wedding pricing.

Some couples come alone and some bring a few family members or children. There are no rules!

There are a variety of ceremonies to select such as a short and simple cavil ceremony, a Hawaiian ceremony, or a Christian ceremony. See the wording of the ceremony here

Where to Stay on Maui

Maui is larger than many people think and it can take many hours to drive from one side of the island to the other. We have a diverse ecosystem where one side of the island is lush and green, and rains considerably almost every day. This is East Maui, where the forest and waterfalls are located. Hana is popular. This is an excellent area to visit or do a day trip, but almost everyone wants to be on the dry side of the island (the Lahaina west side and the more popular southwest side (Kihei, Wailea, and Maalaea) See accommodations. 

The Kihei, Maalaea, and Wailea area have the best beaches and the nicer resorts and Airbnb’s are located here too. The southwest side is closer to the airport, (20 minutes) and much closer to Haleakala crater, a must-see volcano that looks like the planet Mars.

You can also drive to our waterfalls, bamboo rainforests, and see the diverse island.

So, Elope to Maui, stress free, upscale and elegant, where we handle all the details for you.


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