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Elope To Maui

Elope To Maui

Posted by on Sep 10, 2023 in Blog, Hawaii Wedding Planning, Hawaii Weddings | 0 comments

Elope To Maui, Hawaii

Elope To Maui. As the number #! Destination for weddings, Maui is the ideal location to get married and honeymoon. Getting married in Hawaii is easy. See Maui elopement wedding pricing. Maui has been voted the best island worldwide by Expedia users, and Conde Nest Travel Magazine named Maui the best island for 19 years.


Hawaii has simple marriage laws that all 50 US states and many countries recognize. You can obtain the marriage license the morning of the wedding or the day before with just photo ID, no blood tests, no waiting period. Hawaii mails you the marriage certificate 3 weeks after the wedding. See license details.

Sugar Beach Cove

We know the most romantic beach locations

Where on Maui to Get Married?

There are so many different venues. Elopements should be romantic and about the two of you. Do you want to get married on a beautiful beach at sunset? Most couples do, and then go out to a nearby oceanfront restaurant to celebrate your day of love. There are dozens of awesome beaches we use. See our favorite.

There are also Churches, gardens, and more. Email or call us to reserve. 808-891-1200.

Eloping to Maui, Hawaii has become increasing popular. There are many wedding companies and resorts that do all the planning. We do everything for you ( over 25 years now on Maui) . We hire the Officiate/Minister, photographer, coordinate your license appointment with the State License Agent (the meeting is only 15 minutes long), and we oversee everything. Some couples order a video along with the photos to share back home with family and friends who did not attend.

The prices start at $695 for a simple, elegant beach wedding to $2500 for a deluxe package that includes hair/make-up and more at the best resort on Maui. See Maui wedding pricing.

Some couples come alone and/or some bring a few family members or children. There are no rules!

There are a variety of ceremonies to select such as a short and simple cavil ceremony, a Hawaiian ceremony, or a Christian ceremony.

Where to Stay on Maui

Maui is larger than many people think and it can take many hours to drive from one side of the island to the other. We have a diverse ecosystem where one side of the island is lush and green, and rains considerably almost every day. This is East Maui, where the forest and waterfalls are located. Hana is popular. This is an excellent area to visit or do a day trip, but almost everyone wants to be on the dry side of the island, the most popular southwest side (Kihei, Wailea, and Maalaea)

For accommodations, we recommend Southwest Maui ( Kihei, Wailea) which has the nicest beaches, and is closer to the airport, Maui mountain villages,  and waterfalls. See hundreds of vacation rentals at


You can also drive to our waterfalls, bamboo rainforests, and see the diverse island.

So, Elope to Maui, stress free, upscale and elegant, where we handle all the details for you.


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Call us at 808-891-1208 or 808-891-1200

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Why Hire A Maui Wedding Photographer

Why Hire A Maui Wedding Photographer

Posted by on Jun 17, 2022 in Blog, Hawaii Wedding Planning |

Some couples forgo getting a Maui wedding photographer to save on costs, not knowing that it’s an investment worth getting. So before you decide to skip a photographer, here are some reasons why you should hire one. See our Instagram Photos.

There is more to photography than just owning an expensive camera. After all, it’s only a tool. Who produces beautiful wedding photos is the photographer! And what bride or groom wants to get bad photos from their wedding? A professional photographer has the skills and experience of taking photos in different lights and conditions. They know how to compose good shots and execute them flawlessly.

An amateur could mean more work

Sure, getting an amateur photographer is less expensive. Maybe you have a friend or a relative who’s into photography, and you were thinking of asking them. But how sure are you that the photos they take will turn out great? And do they have experience in shooting weddings? Will they be stressed out or nervous about taking pics, and not enjoying the ceremony? It’s not easy shooting into the sunset unless one is experienced. See our verified google reviews.

With a professional wedding photographer, you don’t need to instruct them what shots to take or where they should be during the ceremony. They already know what to do and where to be at the right time. They can be left alone to do their job, and you know that you will only get beautiful photos in the end. 

Maui Wedding Photographer - Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewals

You‘ll feel at ease

Another benefit to hiring a photographer is that you can truly enjoy your day! As mentioned above, a professional already knows what shots they should take. They also know where to be at the right time to get the best photos.

Additionally, a good photographer can also make you feel at ease. At weddings, there are action shots and posed moments. And during the posed shots, the photographer should be able to make you feel comfortable enough to not look stiff and awkward in the photos.

So it’s both a win-win because you’re enjoying the wedding and the wedding photographer captures the joy in people’s faces the whole time. And no worries on your mind because you know the photos will come out flawless!

hawaii wedding couple kissing at tree

Wedding photos are forever

At the end of the day, and with all the fun memories you carry, the wedding photos are all you have left to showcase those memories. And a good thing about wedding photos is that you can relive those moments more clearly. Plus, there is always that excitement going over the pictures and seeing moments that you may have missed after your honeymoon is over. Apart from your memories, the photos are something you can treasure and show to your family and friends. 

Immortalize your special day with a Maui wedding photographer

Your wedding is no small thing. It’s something that every bride or groom looks back on fondly and relive with beautiful photos that you can treasure forever. So if you’re planning a wedding here in Maui, make sure your special moments are captured with a professional Maui wedding photographer. Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewals offers wedding photography packages that are both professional and affordable. Contact us today to learn more!

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Best Places to Get Married on Maui

Best Places to Get Married on Maui

Posted by on Jan 13, 2020 in Blog, Hawaii Wedding Planning | 0 comments

Best Places to Get Married on Maui?

There are many locations and venues to select. Most couples want a beautiful beach setting, while some prefer a garden setting or a church.

Maui has more miles of beaches than any of the other Hawaiian Islands. Southwest Maui is the nicest part of the island. This is where the small towns of Kihei, Wailea, Makena, and Ma’alaea are located. Only 20-25 minutes from Maui’s main airport in Kahului, this is Maui’s upcoming, newer area. The southwest side has larger beaches, and it is the driest part of the island so you can enjoy sunny weather year-round.

Maui’s beaches are renown for their beauty, simplicity, and romance. Looking out at the sunset while you say you vows to your soon-to-be husband or wife is a dream. For non-beach locations, click here.

At Hawaii Wedding and Vow renewal, we have planned over 12,000 weddings (literally, since 1994). Almost everyone prefers a beach setting and we have our favorites.

Poolenalena Beach in southwest Maui is one of the best places to get married on Maui.

All beaches we a public in Hawaii, so with a nice long beach at Poolealena, we can walk down the beach a little and wedding couples can have more intimacy of their ceremony.

It’s a great venue for sunset and early morning ceremonies. Morning is popular with the blues turquoises popping out for the photos.

There are no nearby hotels  here and there are many scenic spots for photo opportunities after the ceremony. It is one of the least crowded beaches on the island. See photos and video here.

Another popular venue location is Wailea Beach

Located in southwest Maui fronting the world-famous Waldorf Astoria Grand Wailea and Four Seasons Resort. Brides have all their salon services here at the best salon on the island ( hair design and make up). They also have a changing room for the bride ( and bridesmaids if any) to use. Then simply walk outside and getting married on Wailea Beach.

After the ceremony and sunset photography, just walk back up to the resort and dine at one of their  5 star retardants. Many couples like Wailea Beach as everything takes place at one location. Simple, elegant, easy and fun.  See photos and details of this location and Maui wedding package here

Sugar beach is also a favorite.

It’s great especially for those staying in Lahaina, Kaanapali or Kapalua. The beaches in those areas are small and very crowded. Choose a better and less crowded beach.

Makena Cove Beach

Located in Makena (just a few minutes south of Kihei and Wailea) is great for a morning wedding. This small picturesque Makena cove beach is very popular. With lava rocks galore, and the volcano island Kahoolawe in the background, this beach is best for daytime weddings.

Sunset weddings at Makena Cove can be quite crowded so we recommend other beeches if couples want a sunset ceremony.

Makena Surf Sunset, Makena

This small beautiful  beach in Southwest Maui, ( Wailea/Makena) offers easy parking and accessibility and has gorgeous sunsets. We recommend this beach for those who have elderly in their group or disability situations.

There are so many nice beaches on Maui for your ceremony. If you have one in mind let us know. Some couples want to get married near their hotel or condo and that is a good option too, as long as the beach there is not too crowded. The last thing coupes want is a beach-going family just a few feet away making noise. So, since we have done over 10,000 weddings, we are very familiar with the best beaches on Maui.

Maui Botanical Gardens For weddings

For those not wanting a beach ceremony, we like Kula Botanical Gardens, located on the lower Maui mountain volcano called “Haleakala”, (translated this means “House of the rising sun”)





The ocean views are awesome and they have 2 different gazebos to use for the ceremony. A few years ago National Geographic named Kula Botanical Gardens one of the top botanical gardens in the USA.

Want a Maui church wedding?

The best church on Maui we like is also located on the slopes of Haleakala. This is a historic church, and the ocean views for the photography after the ceremony are amazing. It is also so cute inside the church, you must see the pictures and video.

The best places to get married on Maui, we know! Give us a call at 808-891-1208, 800-859-0072  or email us to discuss.




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Maui Vow Renewal

Maui Vow Renewal

Posted by on Jun 12, 2016 in Blog, Hawaii Wedding Planning | 0 comments

Maui Vow Renewal

Maui, voted best island worlds wide for 19 years brings us much satisfaction here to us locals. Families comes from around the world to enjoy themselves. A popular activity is a Maui Vow Renewal and a family photoshoot after the CEREMONY. Vow renewals in Hawaii are great for the married couple to renew their love for one another on a secluded Maui beach.

Saying ” I do” once again at sunset with family surrounding  is an ultimate emotional experience.

Click here for Maui Vow Renewals. Most couples then have a family photoshoot with a pro photographer shooting the kids, grandma and grandpa, and group shots; pictures to be treasured forever and passed down the generations. Renewing vows in Hawaii are done at our most popular beach, Poolenalena!

Maui vow renewal family walking on the beach

Pro Hawaii photographer takes photos after the ceremony – awesome sunset

Maui and Memories is what life is all about. Our memories are an important aspect to our well-being. Pictures that can be looked at years later bring warm memories back and bring the family closer. Renewing vows in Hawaii are the ultimate challenge to ones marriage and the renewal of the on-going wedding process.

It unites us, strengthens us, and makes couples “one” once again. Try saying “I do” again and remember forever.

Renewing vows in Hawaii has become a popular activity for many couples, especially those with families.  A family photoshoot occurs after the ceremony and photos are treasured for lifetime. Maui’s awesome sunsets make memories that are so cherished.

How many couples on a cloudy day back home look at the pictures years from now and are grateful for the life event? We get so many thank you letters form couples, too many to publish.

Maui, voted best island world-wide for 19 years. No other island can come close to boasting this poll of travel magazine readers. So many people like that Maui Hawaii is A USA state, and they don’t have to deal with visa, money issues, safety concerns, etc. Come to Maui, Renew your life!


Facebook: Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal

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Having a Wedding in Hawaii

Having a Wedding in Hawaii

Posted by on Jan 22, 2016 in Blog, Hawaii Wedding Planning | 0 comments

Having a Wedding in Hawaii has become very popular, having now surpassed Las Vegas as the #1 wedding destination. The reason is obvious; romantic, authentic sunset beach weddings versus a strip gambling area with tacky chapels on every corner.

It’s easy Having a Wedding in Hawaii. There is no waiting period. You can obtain your marriage license and get married the same day if you wish, although most couples get married on the next day. Hawaii also requires no blood test, so the license appointment with the Agent is only 15 minutes long and the application is just one page. See Hawaii wedding marriage requirements.

Hawaii Wedding has operated over 28 years and has coordinated over 12,000 weddings and vow renewals on Maui Island. Why Maui? Maui has been voted best island world wide by readers of Conde Nest travel Magazine ( 19 years now) and is the top choice of visitors to Hawaii. With long stretches of white sand beaches, waterfalls galore, and our 10,000 foot volcano ( which is a must-see) Maui is the island to visit.

So, if you are thinking of Having a Wedding in Hawaii, select the most recommended island. People come back many times over their lifetime as it is so beautiful and tranquil here, the island of romance does exist. Most couples actually can save money by having a wedding in Hawaii as it is very affordable.

Most major airlines fly direct to Maui. Our airport code is OGG in case you are using Expedia or Travelocity to get your air, hotel and car. Most everyone does rent a car as we are rural and it is easy to get around. The airport has all the major car rental companies.

We recommend staying in the southwest part of the island ( The Kihei/Wailea area) as this is more upscale, the beaches are wider and nicer, and you are close to all the restaurants and activities. The Maui airport is just a 25 minute drive. The southwest part of Maui also has the least amount  of rain, only 9 inches a year, better beaches, and it is  most likely be warm and sunny every day.  So, come to paradise!


Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal

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