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Sweet Hawaii Weddings at Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal provides Officiants/Ministers, photographers, wedding and vow renewal planning, License information and more. A sweet wedding on Maui is held at one of our popular beaches, Sugar Beach.

Why is this sweet gem called Sugar Beach? Take a look the photos here.

The beach gets its name from Maui’s sugar cane growing days, where sugar cane would be loaded onto cargo ships here at Sugar Beach. Maui’s historic wharf remnants can still be seen here a mile away from our special beach. Sugar beach is nearly 3 miles long, the longest stretch of a beach on Maui.

Maui Weddings

Maui sunset weddings are popular

Sugar has quite a history on Maui. Large swathes of land were bought by US businessmen in the mid 1800’s and native Hawaiian were displaced from their land. Acres and acres of land was irrigated and sugar planted, and from the mid 1800’s until 2017, sugar and Maui went hand-in hand. Due to low revenue and cheap sugar from Southeast Asia, the sugar producer stopped growing it here.

We have many other beaches that are cute and beautiful too. See photos here.

Our wedding company has planned over 12,000 weddings and vow renewals on Maui since 1994. We know the best locations and can help guide you to a venue that best fits your desires.

Complete weddings at Sugar Beach and other venues start at $695. See Maui wedding pricing here.

Sweet Hawaii Weddings. The sweetness has gone but Maui is still one sweet place to get married. Call 1-808-891-1208.

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