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Why Choose a Maui Beach Wedding 

Maui is the best most romantic island of Hawaii’s 5 main islands, voted best island in the world 19 times by “Conde Neste” Travel Magazine and Expedia named it best island in 2019, world-wide as did “Travel and Leisure” magazine

Maui beach wedding

A kiss is more than a kiss

Is There Romance on Maui?

Hmmm, the quick answer is “of course” ( ʻoiaʻiʻo in Hawaiian). Beach weddings are so romantic! Perhaps it’s the sound of the serene ocean waves, the sunsets, the clean sea air, or the soft sand beneath your toes. Beach weddings outmatch other traditional venues when it comes to romance. See our Maui locations here.


If you combine a beach wedding with a Maui destination wedding, then you can get married a day or 2 after you arrive and spend the remainder of your time on Maui, exploring all there is to do, such as seeing our 12,000 foot dormant volcano Haleakala ( looks like Mars), walking through the jungle seeing waterfalls and bamboo trees. Of course Maui has the best beaches to sunbathe, swim, snorkel, surf, golfing, tennis, going for walks, or just read a book. There are museums, art  galleries, botanical gardens, wineries in the low mountains and so much more. See Maui wedding pricing here


Sunset wedding on Maui

Maui sunset weddings are popular

Consolidating together the cost of your wedding with the cost of your honeymoon is a consideration too. There is no need to travel anywhere else. 

At a Maui destination wedding, your guest list is shorter. You save money by having your beach wedding on Maui as the most expensive part of a wedding is the reception. At a small Maui wedding, you can save thousands on food costs with less people to feed! A Maui wedding includes the Planner, beach permit, Officiant, Photographer  and is just $1400.00 currently.

You can spend special time with your close friends and family members and they will thank you for a vacation full of excitement and fun away from home. Elopement is also a fabulous option for beach weddings. Most weddings companies can accommodate a last minute decision to get married or just a small wedding with a cookie of friends or family.

Easy and Elegant Beach Wedding Decor

The decor for beach weddings can be a simple, taking advantage of the natural features that surround you such as the most beautiful ocean in the the world. The wedding color scheme could be bright contrasts or soft tans and corals and or perhaps even shades of blue and green colors. What is certain is that your beach wedding will be gorgeous with minimal effort. A popular beach wedding decor can include a circle of flowers.

The flower circle is the focal point for the wedding, The couple stands inside of it during the ceremony. A circle is a symbol of the love between the couple, never-ending. 

It’s important it is to choose the best location and we know them and will point out the best ones, ( See Maui Beach locations) A beach wedding can be the perfect start. Imagine the breathtaking sunset, your significant other, and he sounds of the ocean as you say “I do!”

Who Plans My Beach Wedding? I Am Far Away.

The ceremony planner does almost everything. The bride’s only real responsibilities are picking a beach wedding package, picking out her colors, and taking care of a few additional formalities such as applying on-line for the marriage license, paying $65.00 to the State of Hawaii. We make the license appointment for you ( just 15 minutes long), so all you need to do is just show up! 

Cowboy Wedding on Maui

 Read verified google reviews, and not paid reviews such as Wedding Wire, The Knot, or other publications that require compares to pay. Also pay attention to the sophistication of the website and the information. If hit looks amateurism, minimal knowledge, then this is what you will get for one of your most important days in your life. See verified google reviews

So doing a beach wedding on Maui is the perfect choice. Email us.

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