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Trash Your Wedding Dress

Trash Your Wedding Dress. Some brides have fun after the wedding on the beach by trashing the wedding dress. We see so many posts now from around the country with images of women purposely getting their dress ruined somehow.   On Maui, the bride usually gets into the water and sand with a fun photo op.

And yes, the dress can always be dry-cleaned and probably back to normal afterwards, maybe.

But what about the men? You never hear about trashing the tux or suit. The men get right into the water and on the lava rocks and get their wedding attire ruined too, but perhaps it’s because the bride’s wedding dress is a “once in a lifetime” dress so it rises on the importance scale.

We first saw Hollwood popularize the “Trash Your Wedding Dress” phenomena in the movie “Sunset Beach”. So,  if you are getting married here in Hawaii, how do you do it?

The best way is to notify your Hawaii wedding photographer ahead of time so he/she can be preparing ideas, based on the venue and his/her capabilities. See our Hawaii Wedding Photography page

Another favorite pose would be laying in the sand and waiting for that wave to come ( hopefully not a shark along with it, just joking) Be sure to select a professional photographer who knows how to shoot into the sun without getting a  silhouette shot, and a pro who is able to maintain his/her camera dry!


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