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Maui named #1 island world-wide

Maui named #1 island world-wide. Expedia made there note-worthy news taken by votes from users.  The reasons are numerous.

Maui has the best beaches in the world; miles and miles of white sandy beaches highlighted with swaying palm trees and jutting black lava rocks from our volcano ( I’ll get to that shortly.)  A Maui, Hawaii wedding on a secluded beach is the best. Our beaches are clean, not rocky, and you can stroll forever and relax and get exercise too.

The nice part of Maui beaches is that they slope slowly into the water, so you can wade out and not all of a sudden be in deep water. Everyone, even the locals notice how clean Hawaii’s ocean appears. You can see all the way to your feet! This author remembers the last time I went into the Atlantic off of Florida and I could only see a few inches down, hmmm.

Swimming on Maui? You bet! The south and west shores have waves that are minimal and its easy to swim and enjoy. Everyone knows about our world class surfing too. For beginners there are classes to take for all ages and even the most uncoordinated person will get up a a board and come to shore.

The instructors practically guarantee it. Don’t let the idea of snorkeling scare you. It is so easy to learn in calm waters, and the colorful fish and corals you will see will amaze you. Snorkel gear is very inexpensive to rent here.

Maui named #1 island world-wide is no accident.

The gorgeous, gallant and loving whales come by the thousands to the shores off Maui every November – May. ( January-March is the best time to come to see them) Once, when whaling was legal, Hawaii had a sad history of killing whales. That ended decades ago and the whales are returning in greater numbers ever year.

Even the old-timers watch in amazement as the baby breach (become born) and jump out of the water in glee. Just go to U-tube and watch a video of this. You will want to see it personally, and we have many boating and tour companies that have pro guides to take you out and explain the migration and living whales of Maui.

Maui is not just about the ocean and beaches. We have Haleakala. It is our magnificent 10,ooo foot dormant volcano ( not extinct) that rises to the heavens with the most amazing views. Yu can drive yourself up ( Most people rent care here) or take a tour bus to the top and see a volcano lake dried up that looks like the planet Mars.

Words cannot express the beauty and true nature of it all. It is a must-see when you come to Maui. Having a Hawaii wedding is a dream come true with so much to enjoy.  🙂

There is also our waterfalls and bamboo forests to see. Later stories about this magnificent island to get married and honeymoon.  Maui – best island word-wide! See our Hawaii wedding locations.


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