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Maui Wedding Video

Having a Maui Wedding Video is becoming more popular for a Maui Wedding destination. Since some family members and friends can’t  attend your wedding in Hawaii, having a video of the wedding that can be shared back home is big plus. A professional video of the ceremony with couples “miked” properly so one can hear the vows being said is what everyone wants. The video can be played back at a reception later and of course listened to for years. Many couples pass the video on the to kids as a nice memory.

See a snippet of a Maui Wedding Video here at  At we offer the best videographers anywhere. They shoot the ceremony and then after the ceremony they do nice out-take shots of the family and friends, and then focus on shooting the couple doing fun romantic “stuff ” on the beach during the sunset. Romance is captured on video for a lifetime.

A Maui Wedding Video is more affordable then people think.  The Hawaii Wedding package #4 includes a professional videographer, a pro photographer, an officiate and wedding planner, leis, beach permit, submission of legal documents to the State of Hawaii,  all for under $1800.

This is much less than folks pay back home, and of course Maui is the best place to honeymoon so this is  a win-win situation. No one has ever contacted us that they did not like their video, and we have done hundreds of videos over the last 20 years in business on Maui.

Wedding couples frequently ask us what is the best colors to wear for a video. Adding in blues, reds, greens to the wear gives a good contrast to the traditional white wedding dress and having a tropical colorful bouquet with flowers from Hawaii really “pops” in the video. If it’s a summer wedding we recommend lightweight clothing as it can be warm.

So, consider adding a memory to last forever. See Maui wedding pricing. 


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