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Maluaka Beach – Great beach location in Southwest Maui

Maluaka Beach is located in Southwest Maui. This breath-taking location offers a mile of white sandy beach, and a dramatic backdrop of black lava rocks and towering Mesquite Trees. Sunsets at this Beach are spectacular. One can always count on beautiful photo opportunities at this Maui wedding location.

This beach has easy access, paved parking and a nice clean restroom and foot wash.  The grassy park above the beach is always meticulously maintained. Access to this beach is via a nice paved walkway leading from the paved parking lot and is ideal for anyone who is handicapped or for elderly guests who may be attending. Since the hotel which was located nearby will be under renovation till 2019 not many people frequent this beach. There are several great restaurants near by where you can go for a dinner reception after your ceremony.

Hawaiian wedding ceremony on Maluaka Beach in Maui
grass area for wedding in south Maui

couple renew vows on Maluaka Beach Maui

Sunset photo at vow renewal on Maluaka Beach, Makena

Suzan and Ron's wedding at Maluaka Beach, Makena Maui

Suzan and Ron’s wedding at Maluaka Beach, Makena Maui. Maluaka Beach is gorgeous and the perfect spot for  your Hawaii Wedding. For more Maui beach locations, gardens and church click here

fantastic maui sunset weddings on Maluaka Beach, makena

Meryl and Wade said their wedding at this Maui beach location was ideal.